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  1. jpsurin
  2. Danny boy
    Danny boy thaibaz
    What going on, Baz?
  3. Ivor the Engine
    Ivor the Engine Croc
    Hope you don't mind, but I deleted reference to somtam/eternal life as Surin's wife is maybe dying from it.
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  4. Deerculler
    Deerculler Wombat
    Hi Wombat,
    I tried to contact you in conversation but the forum kept shutting down down. Are you interested in meeting a Australian Dr. here in in Buriam or Surin about cannabis oil for your pain? All legal. I have not met him yet but he will talk to a small group or one to one. I am on morphine for scoliosis of the spine. Phone me if you are interested. 0988300773 Cheers, Les
  5. Peciacake
    Enjoying life (code for on holidays in Surin province)
  6. smithy
    smithy EnglishAlan
    Get the previous message Alan ?................hope you have some drinking partners while Doug is away !!!
    Anyway, take care, and as mentioned, catch up later in the year in Sunny Surin !!
  7. Croc
    L'amour est un art mais rare sont ses artistes.
  8. Prasatcanadian
    We do farming in Prasat , Surin.
  9. Deerculler
    Deerculler robjak
    Rob, Are you open today? Les
  10. Danny boy
    Danny boy stevo
    Ban expired
  11. Deerculler
    Deerculler Kiwi1
    Hi Peter,
    Are you buying a truck?
  12. Deerculler
    Live in Surin
  13. FERET
    FERET alanthebuilder
    Alan, understanding Jieps reluctance to take on work for us, I am getting desperate to have a garage, workshop with concrete floor built in the rear of our block, this would also include a driveway and a second gate.
    Would like 8mr x 8mr with 2 x 3.6 mr remote roller doors.
    Basically 75% down and 25% on completion.
  14. surinmike
    Wait time till back....
  15. trigger66
    Hi dont know if anyone interested but the zoo in Korat are doing a 5 year entry pass, for 5 persons and truck or car to all national zoos in Thailand 8 zoos in total 2000bht all you need is a thai person with ID card and they send out pass to your house
  16. gotlost
    gotlost Ryans Resort
    Any bars in Prasst hit by this no sell?
  17. Ryans Resort
    Ryans Resort bartomeer
    Hi mate do you happen to have Moos number in Surin I have heard he is back fixing bikes?Thanks Gary
  18. tonykb
    Does any one know where I could get information on insect (for eating) farming?
  19. gotlost
    gotlost Ryans Resort
    Speaking of which any word on the isptv device from sincity?
  20. westofhere
    westofhere Bear
    Hi Bear! I sent that link for the rental car agency this morning to both of your emails since i didn't know your primary. If i don't see you before you leave, safe travels and see you upon your return! Pat
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