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May 6, 2017
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Thep Thani, Surin


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May 6, 2017
    1. westofhere
      Hi Bear! I sent that link for the rental car agency this morning to both of your emails since i didn't know your primary. If i don't see you before you leave, safe travels and see you upon your return! Pat
    2. westofhere
      Hi Bear! I just spoke to Miss Pom and she confirmed that the cost of the trip is 1,800b and they are leaving tonight (Thurs). Tried to call you, but could not connect. Hope you get this! Pat

      Will send to your e-mail too.
    3. westofhere
      Hi Bear! Gary and i were just wondering what time we should come. Will check back in a bit! Cheers.
    4. Coffee
      Great pic Bear ! Though I must admit I can not really view it as small as it is...are you # 22 ?
    5. alanthebuilder
      Hello mate hope your all ok .
      We are all Mike Babe Danny and me and the Mrs to Chang Mia for new year ,We will doing a bit of a tour but we will be have at least two nights in Chang Mia ,please do you have a mid range hotel to recommend mate ?
      Thanks Sir ;]
      See you soon ...
    6. Ryans Resort
      Ryans Resort
      Sorry could not make it yeserday Bear but short staffed as usual and really busy with SundayLunches hope all went well and you and Mam had a great a great day. Gary & Nok
    7. varrius57
      Bear I had a sore head yesterday.(mon) hope you feel guilty. Then I fell into the clutches of Miss Gill and the other reprobates. It was out of my hands............ Stevie
    8. Dave The Dude
      Dave The Dude
    9. Cent
      Bear, Are you in Surin? Everything okay? Trying to get a hold of you the past couple of days and can't get through on your phone. Sent message. Hope you are all right.

    10. wildoates
      Hey big guy, what is going on in Pattaya on the 4th. Hear there is big things happening, is it a 1 if by land, 2 if by sea thing......
    11. alanthebuilder
      Did you Email Danny mate ?
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