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May 26, 2017
    1. Danny boy
      Danny boy
      Hi bill, I also had problems accessing the forum this morning too, I think it was due to a server error. I will keep u updated
    2. tommynew
      Dear Billp sorry about the dentician I got you mixed up. Coffee corner went to the dentist,you went for your jab. It's catching up with me.
    3. tommynew
      billp do you really live in rayong
    4. markdamaroyd
      Billp, what a great idea! Unfortunately, the book is eBook, so rather difficult to signature. However, I'll send your comments to my publisher and we'll see what they come up with. Please note the link to the book has changed to this:
      Decadent Publishing
    5. aussie-colin
      May 12 I got this from Thong Tarin....The must have made a mistake re the rate you were quoted..
      Dear Mr. Colin Spinks

      Period Elephant round-up Festival on 13 , 14 November 2010

      Room rate on 12 , 13 , 14 November 2010 is 2,200.- Bht. / night / room

      ( include American breakfast + Dinner )

      When you make reservation you can pay deposit before 1 October 2010

      By transfer money to Hotel

      Best regards,
      Phanchida Chittrakarn
    6. aussie-colin
      That's A$500 for 3 nights!!!! Shite!!! Wonder what Majestic are going to hit me for.
    7. aussie-colin
      Dave suggested I consult you re Hotels for Elephant Festival...and the changed dates.
      I am booked, confirmed by deposit, with 2 rooms at the Majestic 7 Nov out 14th, and in 7th out 19th. They charged me the 'festival week ' surcharge...but now I need to put back my bookings by one week. Grooaaan.
      Any idea what the hotels reaction to these changed dates is?
    8. Cent
      Bill, Don't have a calendar handy, but usually the elephant festival is on the third weekend of November. Usually around the 18th, 19th, 20th. -Mike/Cent
    9. Baz
      Billp, it's just that you had said in a recent post that you wish more was going on or that there were more english speaking people, you have probably tried it already, but have you had a look at the Pattaya Expats Club site?.
      It was just a thought and may give you an idea if there are others in the surrounding villages that were/are in the same boat as you.
      I live in Tumbon Tanong village 7k outside of Prasat centre which is 35k from Surin, and 35k from Prakonchai and I travelled to these areas before I even knew there were two English bars/restaurant actually in Prasat.
      Anyway good luck if you do try P E C site.
    10. Danny boy
      Danny boy
      Happy birthday then BILL Also !!!
    11. alanthebuilder
      Not sure mate im too busy with work at the moment pal..
    12. Danny boy
      Danny boy
      Hi Bill.

      The Post counts didnt move across mate, sorry :(
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