Bonfire Night November 5th

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    As always Ryan's will be hosting a Bonfire Night party on wednesday November the 5th. there will be food from the BBQ available a firework display at 7.00pm and hopefully some treats for the kids. All welcome please come along and enjoy the fun.

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    Sure to be a great night. Hope the evening goes off with a bang!
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  3. AussieBill

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    With a guest appearance by Guy Fawkes, disguised in a Thai army uniform!
  4. gotlost

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    Sorry can't make this one as I'll be in CNX for Loi Kratong. Hope you have a great time.ThumbUp6
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  5. Coffee

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    With an almost full moon in the sky could make an amateur photographers wet dream come true depending on the angle and timing.

    Should be a festive evening for your neighborhood.
    Keep up the fine community service. Good on you !
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  6. Rice

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    You are one bad boy AB. Now if it was somebody with a Dubai address I might help.
  7. Ryans Resort

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    BBQ finished ready for Bonfire Night! Going to be another great night come on down and enjoy the fun. Please book rooms in advance (same for Xmas Day) will post details shortly but limited amount of places,


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  8. Ryans Resort

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    Don't forget tomorrow night!

    Only one day away until Bonfire Night at Ryan's bring the kids for some great fun, Burgers and hot dogs from the BBQ free!!! Firework display starts around 7.00 pm. All welcome.
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    Post some pictures afterwards, Gary
    Hope it goes well!
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