Brio Farm


Kap Chong R Us Member
Brio Farm is an organic venture on the 214 just past the Toyota dealer on the same side . GPS 14.9098369996, 103.508255545 (Brio)

Brio sets on about 20 rai and there is somewhere of 24 greenhouse. The fruit and vegetables the grown are second to none and IMHO puts the local markets to shame aka TOP, Tesco, Makro. SWMBO all not stay away. They have a very smart and air-con shop and restaurant. The treats they make are fantastic. They even have a petting animal farm for the kids.


Prakhonchai Nick

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There is a similar Melon Farm on the 24, some 6kms out of Prakhonchai going towards Nang Rong.

Quite a few melons on display on the Brio Facebook website. :smiley: