Future tiles, to be laid next week.

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  1. FERET

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  2. Prakhonchai Nick

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    Is this your home in Sangka, Feret, where for thre most part you never stay?
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  3. ColinW

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    Feret obviously doesn't allow his in laws to stay there when he and his family are away.
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  4. FERET

    FERET Surin Legend

    Thats correct Nick, not by choice though.
  5. FERET

    FERET Surin Legend

    Fuck that mate, be a gins camp in no time.
    We have a cousin that rents the place and keeps it tidy.
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  6. Yorky

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    I had to research that. I found this "...... the derogatory saying most people would be familiar with is "looks like a gin's camp", meaning they think the place is dirty/untidy."
  7. Eanto

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    Sounds about right
  8. Rice

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    [​IMG]I will take a photo of the park next to my house in Darwin and show you what a Gin's camp looks like.
    "meaning they think the place is dirty/untidy" This definition does not come close to the truth.
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  9. FERET

    FERET Surin Legend

    Even the blowies wear gloves.;;shocked;;;;horror;;;;horror;;;;horror;;;;bad simle;;
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