Our houseplans in Baan Lungpung (7)

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Our houseplans in Baan Lungpung (7)

Much has happened since the last post. We definitely decided for the 3 faze electric. This was not cheap, mostly caused by the long distance from the road to the house. Using underground cables made it even more expensive, making it a total of 104,350 ฿ (just material and labour, no profits inluded). Quite a sum, but now we don't have to worry about the electric appliances we have now or might want in the future.

Alan's team are really hard workers. Our friendly neighbour (see episode 6) has met a German guy. Even he said that they were really industrious. And when a German makes a remark like that, it means something...

2nd week of August 2010, walls are rendered, electrics are fixed:
DSC04678.JPG DSC04677.JPG

In the first weeks of August it was time to start thinking about the kitchen. In fact two kitchens, because we planned a Thai kitchen also.
The contract price Alan and I agreed upon, didn't include a kitchen - no furniture, no appliances.
I made two sketches for the kitchen layout and emailed them to Alan. After a few emails back and forth about style and materials, we agreed a price of 76,000 ฿ for both kitchen counters, including granite, tiles, concrete, two sinks both with hot and cold water supply, wooden doors, tiled inside and out. Extractor hood, stove, oven and refrigerator are not included.

Layout sketches for the two kitchens:
kitchen_28july.jpg thaikitchen_28july.jpg

3rd week of August 2010:

To be continued...
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