Phetkasem Grand Hotel - now - B2 Surin Premier Hotel


Phetkasem Grand Hotel. Latest.

News from last year. Phetkasem Grand Hotel has signed a franchise contract with B2 Hotel Group with a new name "B2 Surin Premier Hotel", a large hotel in the heart of Surin City with more than 168 rooms, full of entertainment, including a large swimming pool, nightclub, snooker club, conference room, seminar room, banquet room and a large lobby under Conce. Along with the satisfaction of drinks and snacks of Wake Up Coffee, a new dimension of Co-working Space in the hotel.
Still waiting and following this news.

Wonder what the adjustments will be made. Especially the buildings and rooms.






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An interesting plaza with indeed a history.

Give Black Box a try around midnight.
You'll quickly realize that you're finally too old for lazer-light thumping discos. :cool:

Prakhonchai Nick

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One more than me. I now usually stay in the Maj Twin.(might be there on Friday actually)
I find Majestic Twin at 500bt more than adequate for a 1 night stay when in Surin on the town. Coffee and Khao Tom thrown in for brekkie.

Do check the fire escape staircase which leads into the car park. I have found it padlocked late at night,