Renewing UK Passports in Thailand

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    Renewing UK Passports in Thailand

    Thai Widows & Expats can do it for you without you having to go to Bangkok

    As of the March, 2014, all UK passport renewals or Thai babies’ first UK passport applications have to be made in person through VFS Global, located in Bangkok.

    Thai Widows & Expats can, for a service fee of only 6,000 Baht, obtain a passport renewal or new first time babies' passport, which includes application completion, document checking, photocopies, submitting the application to VFS Bangkok and collecting the new British passport when it is ready. NOTE - Excludes passport fee (£106.01 for standard 32 page or, £114.01 for 'jumbo' 48 page). We can arrange to pay the passport fee if you do not have an appropriate credit card.

    You will only need to supply approved photographs, decide on the type/size of passport required, sign the application form and authorisation letter and pay the fees. We complete all forms and arrange the appointment for submission of the application.

    This service is intended for those people who are too busy/disinclined to attend to their own renewal or, perhaps find it difficult to travel to Bangkok.

    Many people will still wish to travel to Bangkok (or use the services of a Pattaya agent) and make a 'holiday' out of the process. This service is intended for those who, for whatever reason, do not wish to do it themselves.

    Contact Nick 0817578534 or Ray 0860377468.

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  2. Rice

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    If you apply for your first UK passport do you go to the embassy or VFS global?

    I thought vfs was only for visas.
  3. adam

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    On average, how long does it take for the passport to come back?
  4. nomad97

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    Thanks Thai Widows & Expats, that seems to be a very good service at a reasonable price. It would cost me more like 10,000 Baht to do the same and without any of the hassle. Both my daughters will need a passport at some time and I will keep your service in mind.
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  5. Thai Widows and Expats

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    Thanks for the vote of confidence Nomad.
  6. Ivor the Engine

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    Agreed. Good price for peace of mind and no hassle
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  7. Thai Widows and Expats

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    They indicate around 6 weeks from arrival of the application in the UK. Some passports have been back in 3/4 weeks whilst others have taken longer than 6 weeks.

    The passport is electronically cancelled when submitted to the passport office, and can only be used for ID until the new one is issued. However it seems that a border crossing into Cambodia does not pick up the cancellation.
  8. gotlost

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    Especially when your getting cigirets. LMAO1 Actually you offer a very good service for the Brits.ThumbUp6 The yanks have to personally show up at the embassy or consulate to renew their passport, they can appoint a third part for pickup. Also with the yanks their passports are not cancelled until pick up. As for our turn around my passport was 6 days last year.
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  9. fulhamster

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    I thought renewals had to go to the UK now ??

    I renewed mine via Hong Kong last year using DHL
  10. CO-CO

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    They have to be processed through VFS Global in Bangkok - who send them to England (Liverpool) and they are sent back to VFS.

    You cannot send direct to the UK as you could with Hong Kong.
  11. CO-CO

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    The embassy are not involved in any passport activity (except emergency passports).

    ALL renewals and child's first passport are now processed by VFS. They also do UK and Australian visas. (We can do those as well, but the applicant needs a personal visit).
  12. AussieBill

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    Two years' ago, I renewed my Aussie passport at the Australian Embassy in Bangkok. No hassle and the new passport was posted to my Pattaya hotel, arriving in about one week.

    I had to pay the postage from memory, address the envelope myself and sign something to say I was trusting Thailand Post.
    That beat a second trip to Bangkok.

    The biggest hassle when completing the documentation for an Aussie passport is getting photos taken that comply with the very strict rules. I took a printout of the rules with me to a camera shop in Pattaya and demanded precision. Apparently, there is a shop which specialises in passport photos just along the road from the Embassy - they know the rules!
  13. Rice

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    VFS has separate offices though for UK and Australia, the Australian office being at the Thai CC building in Surasuk.

    The reason to use a contractor VFS is they hope would be terrorist will blow VFS to kingdom come and not them. Charming is it not.
  14. CO-CO

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    So do the Kodak shops in Prakhonchai and Prasat (now!).....
  15. Prakhonchai Nick

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    I have enough rejected photos given to me by the Prakhonchai Kodak shop, that are acceptable to the Cambodian authorities when requiring a visa. Now it seem they do usually know the requirements. Depends though who is processing the photos.
  16. CO-CO

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    Not quite correct Rice. Australian Visa applications in Thailand are processed by VFS Global in Trendy Building, Sukhumvit soi 13.
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  17. Rice

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    Well! I stand corrected. I had no idea that they had merged the operations and moved from Surasuk. I got a visa for the Father inlaw only last year from Surasuk.

    Just for interest I will drop in today. As I am not that far.

    Just how many countries do they deal with, must be a real swag.?
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  18. Coffee

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    fine service

    Brits are fortunate to have two fine gents in Nick and Ray to perform valuable services on their and their families behalf.

    I couldn't recommend two nicer fellows with numerous years of experience in Thailand 10of10Score

    (Just goes to show that Sang Som & cola doesn't effect everybody the same.)

    Caveat: I do not hold British citizenship.
  19. CO-CO

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    No problem. These things are constantly changing - VFS have been handling them since June 2014 at the Trendy Building.
  20. CO-CO

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    Well done coffee - best "bullshit of the day" award :smile: You are now officially appointed as Head of PR and Marketing !
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