Ryan's Christmas Dinner 25th December 2013

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    For all those asking what are we doing at Ryan's this year for Xmas Dinner I have attached a full copy of Menu - as always fun and games for the adults & kids on the day and please note the price is exactly the same as the last five years. Booking only no admittance on the day for people who have not booked. If you wish to book please contact me on 0843200279 or PM me. I am off to the UK on Sunday for a couple of weeks so please be patient as for any replies not sure of how the connection will be in Belfast. Happy Xmas from Ryans and all the staff.

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    We would have attended but we will be on the trip to Siem Reap, are you doing anything similar for New Year?
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    Hi Colin thanks for your query not sure at the moment as mostly people spend New Year with their families but maybe New Years Day a buffet or something will post as soon as finalised.
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    Thanks for the menu Gary, have a well deserved break mate.:wink:
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    Maybe i'ts my laptop, i'm not sure but i can't open the Menu pics mate..
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    Not your laptop. When photos get put in that are this large they can not be enlarged. Problem is on SF side.
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    I get this message:-

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    When I click on the image for enlargement I get a blank screen.

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    Have you been open 5 years already , i thought it was only 4 years, time fly's when your over Sixty..Cry3.
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    Your right mate only four years but it is the 5th Xmas Party the first was when we preparing to open! I wish I could turn back time.....!
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    Back in the LOSD

    Great to be back had an excellent break now back to work. Still have limited space for Xmas Day people still wishing to book please be quick.

    happy Xmas to All
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    Welcome back ! ThumbUp6ThumbUp6
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