Three monks deported to Cambodia after complaints of donation pressures

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    Three monks deported to Cambodia after complaints of donation pressures
    Around Thailand May 15, 2019 17:30

    By The Nation


    Police deported three monks back to their home country of Cambodia this week after the monks reportedly stood outside a local resident’s home in Si Sa Ket province on numerous occasions this week so as to pressure the homeowner to make cash donations to them.

    The unnamed Kanthararom district homeowner, having had enough of the alleged pressure, posted his experience to the Facebook community page “Si Sa Ket Today” and claimed that he felt uneasy and unsafe.

    Many social media users questioned whether the three were real monks, while others shared their tales similar encounters.

    Kanthararom superintendent Pol Colonel Pisanu Sitthithoon assigned officers to investigate this case. Traffic officer Pol Captain Preeda Kulsirorat reported that the three monks – who were found collecting alms in the district – were from neighbouring Cambodia.

    The monks lacked travel documents and so police brought them to the Si Sa Ket Immigration Police Office for deportation.
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    Must be a vet to look after those puppies
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    Sorry. I will re post in the correct thread.
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    Collecting Donations with pressure!............For what? The Monks, Wats and the Buddhist hierarchy have far more money than most of us put together. They should stay in their wats and chant their fcuking hearts out! Loathsome creatures!
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    The odd times I visit a Wat with my loved ones I try and keep a respectable distance from the hypocrisy
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    Did my 2 months visit at KC Hospital this morning and as normal SWMBO had me in the number 1 slot. I noticed a local orange mafia figur being checked. They have ten chairs for the first ten to be seen. The orang mafia as I knew after being checked set down in the number 1 chair. There were at least 100 others before him. The doctor was early for a change and went into the exam room and the orange mafia followed him which left the chair empty. The doctor being early caught the nurses by surprised and they rushed in and started passing out the numbers by name in order, I was given 1 and went to the chair BUT orange man had put his wrap on it and thongs were off on the floor in the way. Everyone there knows how this work and I have to set in the first chair. The lady behind me being number 2 saw what the prat had done and reached down a took his orange cape and thongs and threw them aside on the floor. She looked at me and smiled. I looked at the other 3 in the first row and I could see their looks of F the prat:D
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    Local mafiosa getting a bit of competition! 555

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