UPVC Windows and doors ...



We at alanthebuilder have build a couple of houses in the past and the client has chooses to go with UPVC double glazed windows the product we use are from Phuket .(details in the website above ).
One of the cost problems of course was expenses for a team to travel here from Phuket with all equipment hotels even the initial site servery and so on is very costly .
Now my window contractors are fitting the same windows and doors right here in Issan from the same company in Phuket we have used before .
The windows are very good , so good I have them in my house ,YES they do cost more .
Anyway my company is just a small part of this doing remedial works on re-fits and some house modifications to accommodate the fitters .
Now these windows can be installed for the same price here as they can if your house was in Phuket no additional cost for all the expenses .
Please take a look at the site and you will find Emails and contacts on the Email .