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Discussion in 'Corner Café Restaurant' started by karakara, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. karakara

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  2. karakara

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    Life is change, now is the time to change the place of Corner Cafe, Reasons there are many, a desire for change, the Thai alcohol authorities inflexibility, the property owner's endless greed, continuous vexatious of ex. He who seeks finds, and I believe I will continue to search for.
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  3. Ivor the Engine

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    But still in Surin ???

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  4. karakara

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    Surin looks the strongest option at the moment
  5. Cent


    I just heard yesterday that Corner Cafe has re-opened somewhere down past the NCA bus terminal. Is that true? It's the first I've heard mention of this.
  6. Prakhonchai Nick

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    No update on their Facebook page. If they want custom,. they must advise where they are!
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  7. Cent


    I'm so used to calling him Karakara I've forgotten his given name. Anyone? Have a guy looking for an apartment for his lady in Surin and figure if anyone has the inside scoop he will. Sorry. Brain fart/old brain Kara.
  8. georgefromcanada

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    Hanu maybe spelt wrong but sounds like Hanoo
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  9. gotlost

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  10. Surin

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    Christ, I spelt it Hannu on the chatbox, so I must be wrong as GL'S never spelt a thing correctly!
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  11. Cent


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  12. Cent


    Thanks all.
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  13. karakara

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    Hannu is correct
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