13 killed, worst accident in ten years in Samut Prakan in horrific truck accident.

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    13 killed, worst accident in ten years in Samut Prakan in horrific truck accident.
    Very sad news. [​IMG] Mods, please delete the thread if it's posted somewhere else. I didn't see it somewhere else. It's so shocking, many of them were students of a well known high school before. RIP and a speedy recovery for the injured ones.

    Wife told me that they were at a Morlam Dance and Sing. Alcohol consumption is pretty common there,. without trying to point my finger now.

    Samut Prakan

    13 students ofSisaket Technical Collegewere killed and multiple others injured when a pickup truck full of students returning from a dinner in Samut Prakan crashed into an electric pole and then overturned on King Kaew road near the King Kaew Temple at 1230 AM this morning.

    The victims were not named at this time pending notifications to family members. Imagine, the police comes to your door. OMG. My sincere condolences to the parents, relatives and friends.





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  2. nomad97

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    My wife tells me they had just finished their student exchange visit. Four more students died of their injuries in hospital. Total now 17 students dead.

    R.I.P. Such a waste of young life.
  3. Prakhonchai Nick

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    A truly terrible accident. RIP to all those deceased, which I now understand is 17, 12 of whom were in the back of the bed of the pick-up..

    Meanwhile Thailand's tinpot dictator sits on his arse in Bangkok and does sweet FA!.

    The law introduced to prevent such events some 18 months ago, was withdrawn after a few days, for further consultation..................still ongoing no doubt!

    Perhaps now, as a tribute to these young lives lost, the law will immediately be re-introduced, with harsh penalties for those that disobey!
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  4. Rice

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    Truly awful for all those families who were looking forward to a bright future. RIP
  5. Yorky

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    If I remember correctly the initial wording was "No-one in/on the pick-up bed". This was subsequently changed to "no-one under the age of X years in/on the pick-up bed" (which didn't make sense to me). Then it was changed to "no more than X people in/on the pick-up bed" (another one I find lacking in sense). Then it was "no-one in/on the pick-up bed on a highway".

    And, although I travel little these days, I've seen no difference in the public's or the police's attitude to carrying people in/on the bed of a pick-up.
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  6. gotlost

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    Pick-up overturns in Samut Prakan, killing 13
    PUBLISHED : 29 SEP 2019 AT 10:14

    UPDATED: 29 SEP 2019 AT 15:19


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    Rescue volunteers help people in a pickup truck that overturned in Bang Phli district of Samut Prakan on Sunday. (Photo by Sutthiwit Chayutworakan)
    SAMUT PRAKAN: An overloaded pickup truck overturned in Bang Phli district of this central province early on Sunday, killing 13 students from a technical college in the northeastern province of Si Sa Ket and seriously wounding the driver, police said.

    Pol Lt Col Samran Chuaythao, a Bang Kaew police duty officer, said the accident occurred at about 1am on King Kaew road.

    A taxi driver who witnessed the accident told police that shortly before 1am he saw a pick-up truck turn from Soi King Kaew 2 onto the main King Kaew road at high speed. While heading for Lat Krabang in the right lane, the pick-up suddenly skidded off the road onto the pavement, rammed into two roadside power posts and overturned.

    Twelve students riding on the rear of the pick-up were thrown onto the road by the violent impact and killed instantly, their bodies scattered on the road. Five other students sitting inside the vehicle were seriously injured, along with the driver.

    The six injured were rushed to Chularat 9 Hospital for treatment. One of the five students later succumbed to their injuries at the hospital, raising the death toll to 13.

    A police investigation revealed that that the 17 dead were students at Si Sa Ket Technical College. They were participating in a job training exercise at a garage called Patara Body Service in Soi King Kaew 22/2.

    On Saturday, the last day of the job training, a party was held at the garage until late into the night to celebrate the end of the training. The students, who had been served with beer and other alcohol, then went on to Soi King Kaew 2 for an Isan-stylemor lamshow.

    The accident occurred after they left the show.

    Police were examining footage from all security cameras in the area and said they would seek to establish the cause of the accident by interviewing the driver, who was seriously injured, when he recovers.

  7. Night Stroker

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    R.I.P. Such a waste of young lives.
  8. mango 2 you 2

    mango 2 you 2 Surin Legend

    Poor souls,
    they are nearly home now, 13 ambulances just shot thru the intersection here at muang mai prasat 11pm taking them back to sisaket. we happend to be walking our dogs ..sobering sight......R.I.P
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  9. Wombat

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    I think I'm making the right decision moving my 3 children to Australia. What a debacle!
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  10. nomad97

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    I share your concerns. I just hope my daughters when they grow older have more commonsense than to ride on or in a pickup loaded to the gunwales with young people. Especially so late at night and after a party fueled with alcohol and young people in high spirits. Tragic as it was, all the ingredients for the tragedy were there and it was an accident waiting to happen.
  11. Prakhonchai Nick

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    In a civilised Western country, if the government did not act upon such situations, the populace would likely demonstrate to ensure matters were corrected.

    The Thai people, in the main, are too weak to say boo to a goose, let alone demonstrate over what they would consider to be something trivial. Furthermore, they might just come to realise they were shooting themselves in the foot, as their freedom to all pile in to the back of a pick-up for work and play would end. Now that would never do! So they will continue to put their, and their families and friends lives at risk every time they are out and about rather than have common sense laws prevail.
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  12. dennis

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    I don't want to start another discussion, but just say "gun control" and "mass shooting". Those in favour will say that it is their legal right, those who oppose will say the law has to change.

    So some in Thailand will say the law (re. Pickup trucks, mini vans) has to change, others will say it's an incident and shit just happens.

    In this case and for example during Songkran: Thais know very well alcohol and driving a car/ motobike don't go well together, but they're taking their chances. Stupid, bravery, luck? I don't think they're stupid and certainly not brave, so it's down to being lucky (or not).
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  13. Merlin

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    On a longer journey with teenage kids, we'll play a game in the car. I will ask them to tell me what is happening with the traffic up ahead and what they think could happen next. When we first started doing this, they would only look at the vehicle ahead of us and couldn't predict anything at all. Nowadays, they look much further ahead to see if there are any influences there that could affect us. They have become quite good at picking out vehicles that look as though they might emerge into the path of the car in front causing him to brake or swerve.

    They've changed from wondering why the hell I criticise the stupidity on the roads to making the criticisms for me! In that way, I hope their own driving (when the day comes) will be a demonstration of their increased awareness and greater safety than it otherwise might.
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  14. CO-CO

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    I would actually suggest that driving while pissed (which happens frequently), falls under the "stupid" category......... I think they ARE stupid.
  15. mario299

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    While I do agree with CO-CO regarding the stupidity of piling 17 or so drunk/sober kids in a pickup, I do think that this was mostly a sad result of poor judgement. You've got a large group of students/kids trying to get to home a distance away, and their immediate choice for the return trip home is not to select a bus or a train but instead to pile as many as possible into the truck and go.

    We've all been there, I think I can easily say this without a doubt, but it turned out badly this time. You can pass as many laws as you feel might be needed, but I am real sure that this kind of thing will happen again...unfortunately. Do you think all these kids should have/would have forked out the money, forethought, preparedness that could have prevented this from happening?

    We all did not learn the right way to make decisions the first time around but experience taught us, and I think that this kind of experience taught many people in Sisaket a few things that will change some of their thinking.

    Is this kind of problem solved, to never happen again?
    Not a chance, unfortunately.
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  16. Moderators

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    We know the family of one of the victims (from Uthomphon Phisai). The driver was pissed and they were very nearly back at their hotel/motel too
    Very sad!
    Unfortunetly, it reminds me of another horrendous accident over 10 years ago in Prasat. I think a similar death toll!
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  17. dennis

    dennis Guest

    Ofcourse. I agree. What I meant was Thais in general aren't stupid. But even smart people can make a stupid decission.
  18. Surin

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    I've been back in Aust. For 3 years now and haven't seen an incident on the roads in that time. Each time I go back to Thailand it takes but a minute to realise I'd made the right choice....as you will Ross!
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  19. CO-CO

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    I am sorry Dennis but I have to disagree with you................... although I do agree that smart people can make stupid decisions.

    As a generalisation the Thais (of our acquaintance) are not smart - individually or collectively. There is little evidence of their ability top learn any lessons from 'mistakes' such as these. Surin is right, you come back to Thailand from overseas and it does not take long to see some carnage on the roads. No, it doesn't happen in the west, statistics prove that, world rankings for road traffic deaths evidence that over the years; Songkran and New Year death tolls evidence that. Next to nothing has been done to rectify the causes of the problem.

    I also disagree with Mario; if it was a poor decision it was a decision made when they set off. The ability to nominate a 'designated driver' is beyond the Thais. "We have all been there..." - no we haven't, not in these number. In the States in the 50's/60's (and the UK) you may get a car load of youngsters who had been drinking - sometimes there were tragic consequences, but never in the numbers that these incidents in Thailand seem to produce.

    For fuck's sake Thailand Wake UP! Appropriate legislation, properly enforced, together with driving skills training and real testing is necessary. In addition there needs to be some shift in culture and mindset............ trusting in Buddha (especially after a skinful of alcohol) and a mai bpen rai attitude does not cut it.
  20. Wombat

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    In 1970 in Victoria, Australia the annual road toll was 1061 last year, with double the population the road toll was 259. Education, visible Police Presence, a massive media campaign, new laws and heavy fines have resulted in the number being reduced. New laws included compulsory seat belts and harsher and more drink driving laws. Does anyone think this could happen here?
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