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  1. trigger66

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    Hi gonna change my WIFI anyone got any recommendations or good deals they know about much appreciated in advance
  2. nomad97

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    If you want the Premier League football for the next 3 years go with True Online. You will have to check with them to see if they provide cover for your area. My package is 1,198 baht /month for a 200/100 Mbps connection and that includes many TV channels, including 5 dedicated channels for the English Premier League. If you want a TV package too, the football option is available for an extra 199 baht/month.

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  3. gotlost

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    There are only two ISP that have a Television package. True and TOT. All others are dreaming. The others do have good reliable service but that's it. If your taste is for english speaking content go with True.
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