77 year-old Eric Burdon and The Animals !

Discussion in 'Live music venues in Surin.' started by Coffee, Nov 23, 2018.

  1. Coffee

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    Will Not be playing in Surin tonite. :sleepy:

    Eric will be singing with his band in Las Vegas with ticket prices starting at THB 3,300 unless you are a high-roller and comped by a casino.

    Seen him twice Stateside when he was in his fifties. Both were full alcohol served music venues which held less than 300 patrons and tickets under were B700.
    Both venues were SRO and his group was enthusiasticly received.
    That small-of-height fellow sings his heart out for 70- 90 minutes and fronts a fantastic very tight band. No yap-yap in between...just song after song. A masterly showman given the proper 'atmosphere' IMHO.

    I so much wish to see him live on an outdoor stage in Surin even though I'm sure he couldn't live without his favourite medication frowned on by the Kingdom. He would be so definitely 'Misunderstood'.:sunglasses:

    Just we 'Got To Get Out of This Place' so I'm taking darling's daughter and Grandma to Elephant Fair tonight.

    Actually I'll drop them off and seek to drink elsewhere.
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  2. nomad97

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    Aaawwl, you'll miss all the fun ....................
  3. Coffee

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    2nite is Thai star Poo Ponsak !

    B there or B...uhh...umm...there.
  4. Wombat

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    Eric is great Coffee, I have enjoyed listening to him since I was 15 and I sang down the phone to my first girlfriend, "Baby, it's hard to understand me now......."
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  5. Coffee

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    "I'm just a soul whose intentions are good.
    Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood."
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  6. Prakhonchai Nick

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    CO-CO's anthem is House of the Rising Sun ;)
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  7. Yorky

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    I hope he don't go mistaking paradise for the home across the road!

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  8. Yorky

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    The early days - 1964.

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  9. Ivor the Engine

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    Good stuff!

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