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    On many an occasion, my wife will ask the question, "Is the gate locked?" This has usually required one family member to go outside, walk to the gate, and take a look. Yesterday, a thought came to mind, would reflective tape attached to the padlock, make the lock visible on the CCTV infrared camera. So, I stuck some reflective tape to both sides of the padlock aa shown in the photo below.


    And, after dark, the padlock now shines like Venus in the night sky, very bright and very visible in the infrared spectrum. I no longer have to walk outside and check the gate, now it's pretty obvious whether or not the gate has been locked by a quick look at the CCTV monitor.

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    No CCTV here, infrared or otherwise.

    It is me that checks the gate lock, and every other door/window in the house that has been opened and closed during the day, but never re-locked. As for the Mrs enquring whether anything is locked..................:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    Put a motor on my gate, which locks the gate after closing. Bit more expensive than reflective tape :)


    Easy to see if the gate is locked

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