A House Constructed in Ta Tum, Surin!!

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He is over 2 meters high and she is about 1.5 meters and he had a tiolet like this in Holand and wanted the same here ,saves his wife swinging her legs .Also the the doors are 2.2 meters high .

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Hi, How much is the total cost? If I may ask? size in Square metres, what features etc, e.g. bedrooms and bathrooms.............and obviously constructed by ATB

I would appreciate more info if possible please..........................Thanks......B.J.


The price and plan are on here already ,but I will scan the plan and put it on in the next day or so ,it will be clear then .

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2,700,000 THB


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A word from the owner...

As the proud owner of this house I have to congratulate Alan for doing a splendid job.
Not more than a year ago my wife and I decided to have a house build in Thailand. We discussed a lot about the best way to do this. We decided for Alan because, while the house was build, we had to stay in Holland. During the whole process he kept us informed with photos, email and a few telephonecalls. In July we had our holiday in Thailand, just in time to choose tiles, colours etc. We had also a meeting with Alan's electrician to point out where we wanted switches, sockets etc. Early October the house was promised to be ready and Alan showed us around. What a magnificent job he and his men did! The house was in an excellent shape, everything was there as promised, everything worked. And all in a very high quality. After some time we found - as to be expected - some minor shortcomings, all these are already repaired or will be when the time is right.
Conclusion: Alan kept us well informed with pictures and email, kept his promises, kept costs into budget as much as possible.
So, a big "thank you mate" to Alan! "No problem, nothing to worry" may be his favorite saying, but if there is one person who can say this and makes it happen... it's him!
(No, I'm not sponsored)


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Off topic posts deleted and any requests for detailed info can be directed to Alan the Builder co.

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