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    A friend of me will be for his 1st time in Prasat in a few days. Now he is looking for an accomodation. He is already in Thailand and wrote me that he is looking for an accomodation with swimming pool. Actually he prefers "Ryans Resort" but is not sure if the resort is not too far away from everything.

    What do you think and has anybody another idea?

    Thanks a lot and cheers from Switzerland
  2. alanthebuilder

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    Ryians resort Tom .
    There's a banner link on the forum , he will be happy there mate
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    SANGKA Surin Legend

    Alan the banner link not been working for a long time mate.

    Gary is a good host and will take care of your mate tom.

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    There are other hotels or 2 with pools, nearer to town but what does he need to find in Prasat town?

    I think your friend might be better served staying in Ryans where he will be well looked after, have a good variety of Thai and western foods plus probably have a better opportunity to meet some of the fellow expats/travellers for a beer and a chat. If he need to visit town, Im sure there will be a few options available there.

    Good luck
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    Ryan's is only 6 km from Prasat, just off Hwy 24, so very easy to get back and forth by taxi or whatever. Ryan's would be my first choice, but Lelawadee is in town and has a pool and potential expats also. Won't say much good about any others in Prasat.

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  6. Swiss Tom

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    Thanks a lot. My friend told me that he just booked at Ryan's Resort.

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