Aladin to rent or to sell?



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We walked past it last night and it was boarded up.
Pity as I enjoyed the doner I ate there


The owner told me the staff just could not handle the place by themselves, and that he has another business as well that keeps him quite busy and running both full time was interrupting his sleep, and he was tired. So for rent or sale. Good location, all done over and quite nice inside. Would make a nice British style curry hut and Schwarma shop. Open at noon and close at midnight. Would get decent trade I imagine. Maybe someone can talk Steve Grace into giving it a go. :) Best curries in Surin by a long shot.

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Aladin Restaurant /Surin .Aladin Restaurant,( Kebab ) which opened a couple of month ago has closed temporarily. End of this week ( it's the plan when the renoavation is finished , next week at least for sure ) the place will be reopen with a new owner a French guy Stefan . Maybe some will remember him when he been selling Kebab at the Walking Street in Sisaket The new place will be called " La Baguette Aladin " and will serve meals all day including breakfast as well as French bread and croissants baked on site.

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