Arrested at his mother's house in Surin for murder

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    The Pattaya News
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    Breaking: Pattaya Police have caught the suspect in the recent nightclub shooting. He has been identified as Warut "Art" Saejia. He has been arrested at his mother's house in Surin and is being transported to Pattaya now. He has allegedly admitting firing the shots that killed one man and put another in a coma.

    Full article shortly.

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    Gangbanger throwing gang signs, with a purse. :)

    Yeah, Art. No one would think to search for you at your Mum's house, ya think?
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    Who ever said that Gangbangers were smart?
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    He probably thought his mama could protect him.
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    Our boy was in Prasat..:eek::D

    Pattaya: Arrest after fatal shooting - suspect was at his mum's in Surin


    Picture: Ruksiam News

    Thai police have arrested a man who they say has admitted shooting Anuwat Suksamran outside a South Pattaya bar in the early hours of yesterday morning.

    Anuwat, 37, - a well known figure in the resort who had the nickname "Tee Lai Kor Phai" - was hit several times in a shoot out in the road in front of the Teng See pub.

    Still grievously wounded in Chonburi Hospital is 37 year old Chartchai Srisen.

    Pol Col Atinan Nutchanat of the Pattaya police told reporters that Warut Sae-jia or "Art" is now in custody.

    He was arrested in Prasat district of Surin after fleeing to his mother's house.

    He has been charged with murder.

    More details about the circumstances of the shooting are expected to be announced today.

    Source: Ruksiam News
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    Mama dobbed him in.
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