Bangkok bank Kap Choeng is CLOSED !


Surin Legend
Driving my manual transmission truck five weeks post surgery.

Today I did my temporary stay visa extension one year Kap Choeng in their new building with handicap parking and ramps going into the office, I'm parked very close to the small ramps going into their office.

I was going to go to Bangkok bank Kap Choeng, CLOSED.

Off to Prasat to get the verifying letter funds in my bank account. The bank people in Prasat were very helpful and came out to my truck for me to sign the Final papers.
Back to Kap Choeng to submit final paperwork.

The boss lady came out to my truck to take the photograph with her phone to use completing the visa extension, very accommodating with a good personality.

I moved my truck to another parking facility to avoid Sun be a little cooler.

She came out again with the final documents requiring my signature and walked 100 m to my truck, we joked a little bit and the job is done. She brought my passport with a new temporary visa extension in it the second time she came out, I apologize for not being close to the door, she said no problem.

I was very happy the way it worked out.

I think part of the cordiality was because I went to the office to get my reentry permit and told the ladies I was going to India for a double hip replacement.

She "boss lady" even warned me that I only had until December 15 to renew my visa, I told her I would be back before that I was just going to India for the operation.

Today has been five weeks since I had my bilateral THR surgery and everything is coming along fine.

It was the first day I drove my truck, manual transmission, the immigration lady came to my truck for me to sign documents, She could not get over I had ability to drive.
Reason for going to Kap Choeng office is the proximity of the door and handicap parking facilities for me to go into the building if it was needed. Kap Choeng office is the same distance over very good roads as to the Surin office for me from my location.

I did not have to go in due to the extra service they gave me !

Obviously I got along with the boss lady's very well, the ladies gave good service, now my 90 day report is due on Valentine's Day.

We banter back-and-forth a little about roses for everybody on Valentine's Day after she mentioned I should bring a rose for my wife, she did all the leg and communication work. I give credit to my help mate in so many ways and then others not so great.
This is giving recognition and appreciation for all the good things my wife does, skip the other, He Ha Ha !

I agreed, but then I had to Open up my mouth and say maybe I should get roses for everybody.
We will see, I certainly like to stay on a friendly basis with with the office and of course all the ladies, especially boss Lady’s 1 & 2 !

It took about an 1 hour and 15 minutes to get everything together once I return from Prasat with the paperwork from the bank.