Building a Sauna by meself

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  1. Pat

    Pat Surin Legend Staff Member

    Almost done now... Only exterior left to do.

    Here are some pics of the build.

    20191211_180539.jpg 20191214_092746.jpg 20191218_152454.jpg 20191219_152246.jpg 20200106_112722.jpg 20200113_185039.jpg 20200114_130658.jpg 20200115_173900.jpg 20200116_131756.jpg 20200116_151508.jpg
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  2. Pat

    Pat Surin Legend Staff Member

  3. nomad97

    nomad97 Ordinary member Staff Member

    Nice job. Must have bad circulation. I sweat enough without the use of a sauna! :D:D:D
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  4. nomad97

    nomad97 Ordinary member Staff Member

    Pat, joking aside, I would like to know what kind of steel you used for the main structure. I need a similar structure to become an outside store, maybe 3 x 3 metre. I already have a roof, just need to construct a secure area that I can lock. For my purposes, a steel frame with cladding may be a better option than using brick.


    Looks like 5 cm x 2 cm. Where did you buy and how much a metre?
  5. Pat

    Pat Surin Legend Staff Member

    The steel is galvanised 2x4 inch 1,5mm thickness.
    6 meters about 4-500 per length.
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  6. Merlin

    Merlin Surin Founding Father

    That looks like a lovely conversion Pat, though I would be extremely worried about stepping on the original tiled floor when the sauna is operational. Better us some wooden duckboards to protect the feet from severe scalding/burning as the tiles will have zero insulation properties!

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  7. nomad97

    nomad97 Ordinary member Staff Member

    Thank you.
  8. Pat

    Pat Surin Legend Staff Member

    It doesn't really matter how much you heat your sauna, the floor doesn't get hot.

    I've been in temperatures up to 140C, but the normal temperature is between 80-100C in Finland and I've never felt any heat from the floors.

    Also the cleaning of the floor becomes a lot harder with boards on the floor.

    We tried it again yesterday with a few good friends with children, with temperature only about 65C. Am very happy about how well it works.

    The walls have 4" insulation and the ceiling has 16", put all my insulation up there to get rid of it and it seems to have been a good idea.
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