Christmas Day at Ryan's Resort

Discussion in 'Ryans Resort' started by Ryans Resort, Nov 25, 2014.

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    For the fifth consecutive year Ryan's will be keeping the price the same and offering an unbeatable value Xmas lunch. Bookings only and places are limited all rooms are fully booked already but I can find alternative accommodation close by for 500 baht per night. We will also have our usual raffle on the day and fun & games for the kids. Hope to see some of our familiar faces on the day Happy Christmas.

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    I know I am stupid but I cannot find a map! Could be helpful for folks who don't know Prasat.
  4. gotlost

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    GPS 14.6275395357, 103.467023446
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    Ryans all info thanks
  6. Yorky

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    I obviously looked there first. I still can't find the map.

    Y (devoid of GPS facilities)
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    Map to Ryans

    Map to Ryan's from Prasat crossroads

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  8. Cent


    It's fairly simple to find Ryan's. Just go up to Prasat from Surin on the Prasat road. At the streetlights at the crossroads where Lemon Lounge, Stafford's and the old Harley's bar is located take a left onto the highway. Follow the highway for a couple kilometers or so and you will see the sign pointing left onto the soi where Ryan's is located. Take the left. It's down a ways on that soi on your right. It's easy.

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  9. Yorky

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    It is when you have directionsMike. Cheers.

  10. Cent


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    Just for information, a friend of Danny's (Bamboozeled) used his "onboard" GPS to find the restaurant last week. Initially he arrived at the Surin railway station. After re-booting the machine (or whatever they call it) he was directed to the HomePro car park. Danny had to get on his mocy, find him and lead him to the restaurant.
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    Yorky, are you really talking about finding Ryan's Resort? They were a long way from there!
  13. Yorky

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    No, I was relating the fact that GPS doesn't always work. Whether it's the system or operator error, I wouldn't know.
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    Why don't you just ask Gary to pick you up on the day - a sort of Care in The Community service.

    He won't mind, I am sure he will be doing bugger all on the 25th :smile:

    To be honest, if you can't find Prasat crossroads you shouldn't be allowed out on your own - after that it is easy, the clues are the big green "Ryans Resort" signs that Gary has erected.
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    Agree with co-co , if one requires GPS to navigate on major highways and arterials (in this case Hwy 214 south from Surin to Prasat Hwy 24 eastbound...) they shouldn't be allowed to operate a vehicle.

    Unfortunately the Highway signs are in English - so try to read the signs.

    I personally will admit that some two-lane 'highways' are not marked very well.
    [ ie: if you are heading on the 'back roads' NNE of Yasothorn to Sakhorn Nakhon at night without a map providing Road numbers and you do not have Thai person that can read you may have some issues without a compass.]
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    Xmas Day

    Still have a few tickets available I will close ticket sales on the 20th of December so please to avoid disappointment book early.


    Happy Xmas to customers old and new and to those who have forgotten where we are!
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