Christmas Day photos from Ryan's

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    Thanks to all who came yesterday to Ryan's absolutely fabulous day had by all I have never seen so many Thai children with smiles on their faces the adults were great as well no problems all very merry. I have attached some pis enjoy.

    ps, Don't forget New Years Eve massive party Live band and coyote girls!

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    more xmas day pics

    some more pics

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    Even more!

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  4. Danny boy

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    Had a Fantasic Day thanks Gary, Phil, Nok & all the staff at Ryans.

    Kids loved the Bouncy Castle, Dave the Dude loved the leo and the (.) (.) haha.

    Thanks Again Gary.

    Danny, Alan, Fon, Mae, Mike & Baby
  5. I confirm the above statement from the Cradle-Snatcher that is called Dannish (especially the bit about (.)(.) )

    It was a great day with great food and plenty of fun was had by all (especially our resident storyteller, Boozy Baz)

    Thank you muchly

    Dave,Sri & Bee Mai (AKA MeatPie)
  6. How does one get there from surin ? Anyone can answer as I have no idea as there is no taxis.

    Also might you be booked out new years?
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    Did I see a picture there of the "Manchester Three" ?

    Have MI5 been informed ?

    SANGKA Cannot re - Member

    Some old faces there..:redface:
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