De Bua Cafe

Been there a couple of times now. Once meeting a friend there for a coffee, the other time to show to wife and daughter as a coffee and pastry option nearby. Nicely done. The outside area to the left is a noodle shop type open air place. The enclosed building is air conned and very nice. Mainly coffees and teas, cakes and pastries. Being next to my 'village' I'll likely start using it myself more often. Not cheap and not overly pricey. There's an upstairs area as well at the top of a spiral staircase. Well done. It's doing decent business from what I have seen. Government employees next door seem to be the main customer base. Area to the left is the noodle shop in the pic below. The outdoor area to the far right of the main building has some comfortable seating and would be a nice place to have a coffee in the cooler season.

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