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    Posted by Coffee:

    Just a rental, while I try to build my own. Still very much a work in progress.
    One word, Bander - WOW!
    I just saw this post today. Three stories in Isaan !

    Obviously you have some previous expertise with project management (and I can only surmise with construction).

    Might I inquire what your finished budget on this construction including plumbing with bathroom fixtures and electric (HVAC) will be after painting.
    (Please consider furnishings and specialized kitchen equipment an additional cost , not required here.)

    Seriously Mod, please get this out of gutters and into it's proper topic section as an OP...(but please let Bander know exactly where so he can continue the update). Thanking you in advance.
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    Reply by Bandersnatch:

    Hi @Coffee, thank you for your kind words. I have not posted about this build before, because I didn't think it would be of interest to anyone else, being such an individual design. I only posted here in guttering, because @nomad97wanted to know why I was buying guttering for my rented house!

    I will try to answer your questions as succinctly as I can:
    Project Management experience: yes
    Building Experience: No - just a few renovations over the years

    Prior to coming to Surin, I was Chairman of the building committee of a 340 unit condo tower in Pattaya. The building was extremely poorly built and we spent a great deal of time and money trying to fix it. I learnt a lot about how not to build in Thailand. At the same time I was researching building techniques for my own build.

    Budget: I did not have an exact budget when I started, because I was still sourcing material prices as the build has gone on, but I expect the house will cost far less than the condo I sold in Pattaya.

    At each stage of the build I discuss with the builder what I want him to do next, how I want him to do it, and what materials will to be used. He then gives me a price and we compare that to the price that I had calculated on my spreadsheet.

    Currently as the building stands now, when the render is finished, all doors and windows in, I will have spent a little over 2 million.
    Having said that the building is far from finished and is turning into a bit of hobby project.

    As for it being 3 stories, I see it as 2 stories with an open vented attic space :)
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    No other words
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    @Bandersnatch you said "I see it as 2 stories with an open vented attic space"

    As I found out when I designed an elevated house nothing but space underneath, the architect charged per square meter of plan. Yes he charged for the empty space under the house as well, so I essentially got charged double. It was in the damned contract and he got me on a technicality, so I paid double for the plan. So if you had gone to a registered architect you would of been charged for the third floor. Lucky you did not.
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    Excellent thread. Respect!!!!
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    Want to see the house warming party on this PUPY.:D:D:D:D:D:yum::yum::yum::yum::yum:
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    Ooooh yeah, Bandersnatch ;;grimace;;
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    I am having stainless steel railings made for the balconies on the third floor. Until they are installed it would not be wise to be drunk up there
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    Just in case you haven't been keeping up with my build blog:

    My Energy Recovery Ventilator arrived today, now just have to work out the how to get the ducting installed to feed fresh air to all rooms. The ducting needs to bring fresh air in from my Geothermal system through the ERV, then split to send fresh air to the ground and second floors and stale air out.

    Any suggestions on where to get tubular steel ducting made up in Surin, would be appreciated.


    Video Explaining How ERVs work:
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    I am loving this thread........ I understand barely a word of ot, but it is enjoyable.
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    would love to see the place and see/feel the results ... for me in the (near) future Ray.
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    I am happy to have visitors at any point in the build - just pm me to arrange, but it will be a few more months before it is finished. With the scaffolding up for painting the main block, we cannot get on with the rap around roof for the first floor or doing any tiling or fit out for the porch, bathrooms and kitchens.

    I am hoping to preheat my hot water with solar thermal during the day and use a heat pump from the air con at night. The water being stored in a hot water tank with top up electric heating. This sort of stuff will take a while to sort out. I am also interested in a Bio Gas system for cooking, but don't see a way to get decent pressure - gas tanks are pressurized so you get a good flow - might have to go onto the back burner for now ;)
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    I have a few single phase heat pumps already made up. You can have your pick and will save you headaches arranging hx, tx valves and guess work trying to improvise an aircon.
    I would have a spare tube in tube heat exchanger in the factory if you want to try it though.
    I'll be over home as soon as my new knee is ok and no risk of DVT.
  15. Surin

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    I can't see why you couldn't use the aluminium foil ducting I used to use for the fresh air from the big heat pumps installed in jobs.
    The large blue pvc pipes would work a treat as well.
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    Hi @Surin, much appreciated, I would love to see your heat pumps. The system I was planning to use is from a company in Bangkok. You buy the tank and heat exchanger all setup. I am not sure how much hot water it would produce, but it should make the aircons more efficient: It would also being keeping the water warm at night when there is no solar thermal, so you have hot water for a shower in the morning.

    I was planning to use insulating aluminium foil ducting in the ceilings, which is pretty easy to find, but where the air from the geothermal enters the house and then enters the ERV I will need 2 x 90 degree bends and the house side of the ERV will require 2 x overlapping T pipes. Because I need access to the controls on the ERV and access for maintenance, this cannot be hidden behind a wall. So I will have to have it made up.
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    When I'm back, come out and have a look about in the factory, I've got rolls of flat Colorbond and a huge guillotine, folding machine, you could do your drawings and come and make use of what's there.
    You could also make your a/c more efficient using HC rather than other 60% more efficient.
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    Hi @Surin please contact me as I don't seem to be able to contact you.
  19. Bandersnatch

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    Big thanks to @genghis Ron for the black acrylic bedroom furniture by Ice Furniture in Buriram


    First night in the new house (Before anyone says anything, yes I know it looks like a prison cell, but we sleep safe and sound):


    Solar Thermal hot water system worked great:
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    Thats what Epstein said.;;horror;;Just had to..;;bad simle;;
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