Father stalks and shoots his own daughter in north east Thailand

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    Father stalks and shoots his own daughter in north east Thailand


    Thai caption: Father shot his own child

    Sanook reported that a father - angry that his teenage daughter was living with her boyfriend - stalked and shot her with an air rifle.

    "Em", 18, told the media that while she was washing up last Wednesday at her boyfriend's house she heard the sound of a gun and something hit the doorframe and ricocheted into a cabinet. She found an airgun pellet on a washing machine.

    Then next day while she was out the back of the house in Chumphonburi, Surin, she felt a pain in her neck. There was blood and she initially thought she had been stung by an insect.

    A neighbor heard another shot at that time.

    Em ran into the house where her boyfriend's mother thought she had been shot.

    Doctors at a hospital in Buriram confirmed that a pellet was embedded in her neck. They would not remove it as it was dangerously near an artery. They would wait until it moved nearer the surface of the skin.

    Meanwhile the father of the victim - Preecha, 50 - contacted Pol Capt Theerawat Khamnin of the Chumphonburi police to admit what he had done. He is now being held in custody after he was arrested.

    Em said she forgives him but wants the case to run its course.

    Sanook reported that the father was angry that his daughter defied him and went to live at the house of her boyfriend.

    On two previous occasions the police and the phu yai ban ( a village elder) had got involved after he threatened to kill her.

    Source: Sanook
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    I have always said that there is only one valid punishment for murder or attempted murder .........DEATH......regardless of who it is or why. No dropping attempted murder charges in favour of a charge under the mental health act (or similar if one exists here in Thailand) Anyone, anywhere, committing this kind of crime is automatically a few screws loose!
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    C'mon @Prakhonchai Nick , he's doing his best towards parenting , isn't he ? :p
    What would you do in your home if you laid down the law and your teenage daughter told you to sod off. :triumph:o_O

    As well that's some mighty fine shooting.
    Just ask @nomad97 . With that kind of marksmanship he should be placed on a SWAT team or at least hired out as an assassin.

    @gotlost , lately you've been posting up some mighty uplifting tales.
    The father called the police to confess. I mean seriously...:flushed:
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    She is 18 years old and wanted to live with her boyfriend. Clearly, the family of her boyfriend was okay with this situation. Would I shoot my own daughter for going against my wishes - never? I may not be happy about it but think there is always two sides to the story. She is happy doing what she wants and I am happy because I no longer have to support her. She is now someone else's problem.
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    She, the baby and her bf (if he decides to stay) will be sitting at your table and sleeping in your house. 555
    SWMBO will surely see to that.:mask:

    (No worries as you have your mancave.)

    Now seriously - "head shots" with a bb-"air rifle" at what distance ? ...(since nobody saw , only heard).
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    Wrong! No way will her boyfriend sleep under the same roof as me, unless I want him to.
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