Favourite Thai restaurants in the area.

Discussion in 'Prasat Area' started by Wayne Thompson, Sep 26, 2019.

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    It also managed to find it's way into pipeline construction terminology.

    With such weird descriptions as "60 klicks of half inch wall thickness 36" pipeline".
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    And in seatbelt adverts!

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  3. Wayne Thompson

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    Passed it yesterday. Looks good. Will try to check it out this week.
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  4. Wayne Thompson

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    Zone 8 Riew was a great restaurant. the food was amazing. The staff were friendly and the setting nice. We were too early for the band but we will be back!

    Today we went to a place on the same side closer to Cong Chom. The theme is a retro thai general store which sits within a rice field. Great decore. We got 5 different shakes. all good and then some of the sweet bread things. (I'm not a sweet tooth myself).
    I have Gapao Gung, it was possibly the spiciest I have ever tasted. Next time I will say not spicy.
    Worth going for the decore. The mock classroom was cute.
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