Fence Post Auger Recommendations


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I purchased one on lazada, i'll see if I can find a Photo. It's drilled several hundred holes.
Hired labor to drill holes with machine, worked OK, did the job. It's not easy to handle watching it being used.
I looked into renting a local machine, 10 baht a hole is what they wanted, you supply the labor etc.
The only thing I didn't like about it it was to cycle, you mix the oil with fuel.
Happy I purchase the machine, it's already paid for itself and has more work to do.
This is the one I purchased on Lazada VG-EA529 from S P hardware Bangkok.
I purchased the strongest motor, two cycle gets more HP for the displacement. You do have to drain the gas and run the machine out of it to prevent problems with the carburetor gained from past experiences with two cycle engines.
I purchased a 6 inch auger in addition to the 8 ", uses less concrete, cemented the cement poles in.



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Thank you every one for your advice and comments. Much appreciated. Bought an Earth Auger from Do Home that is working out well so far - over 100 holes dug. Auger size is 70 cm X 16 cm. Note the poor positioning of the fence posts. Had the pumpkin on and not the head when the delivery driver turned up.

Fence post hole digging Dec 21.png