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A post on the Facebook page for Elephant and Castle (Surin News and Events) today caught my eye.

Foodpanda is hot and ready to serve the people of surin today. Order food via app foodpanda and website
A variety of foods such as balm, Jasmine,,, two bowls of golden day boat noodles, white topped face, big bike restaurant.
Download this app link.
iPhone (App Store)
Andriod (Play Store)
For a partner who is interested in partnership with foodpanda, you can apply at:
For employees who are interested in working, you can apply to us at:

It doesn’t say very much about it from a customer point of view, but their page for restaurants offering the service in Buriram is quite interesting:
Another page, this time for Korat offers a wide choice of restaurants, including this one (which takes my fancy!) :

The page inviting business partners to join up to the idea explains a bit more:

It’s quite a clever idea really. You want to order dinner. Choose a city and then a restaurant (maybe even one that you hadn’t heard of before,) then select the dish(es) that you would like. You can elect to collect your order later, or you can have it delivered by the foodpanda courier service if your address is within their area. They will have the food ready in 40 minutes from the time that the order is received. (Maybe!)

Businesses that sign up will hope to appeal to clients old and new. Those businesses that don’t do so lose the advertising it provides for them, as well as tempting potential customers with the images and the menu descriptions. This group might also worry that their competitors who have already signed up will steal a march on them by pinching their business.

Prices don’t seem outlandish, and some are very cheap indeed. It would seem a very convenient way of buying dinner – and I would imagine that the service could be adapted so that you pre-order to eat in the restaurant if you choose – though the service charge ( I haven’t found that yet) might deter some from doing that.

Nick: I wonder if you have tried the service in Buriram yet?


"foodpanda will send you the total revenue from the shop orders every month.
Along with details about that sale."

You will not find many of the smaller restaurants doing this if they only receive their sales proceeds through FoodPanda once a month. Basically you are waiting each month to get the income you would gain from doing this. Problem is many places cannot afford to restock while waiting for a month to get the money.