Frank of "Living in the Past" fame is not well


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It's been awhile since we last hoisted a Prost. Cheers Frankie to all the good times you enjoyed and created.
Keep true to yourself and know you were loved and respected.
Sincerely, Coffee


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Posted by the admin on Sisaket & Isaan Only FB page today

I just wanted to let you know that Frank can't be visited right now, the way how I understood it, he seems to be in the ICU now.

The bill is already pretty high and the insurance doesn't answer or get in touch with the hospital.
I called their number yesterday, and asked the lady: "Khun Puut Passa Aengritt, mai khrap?"
The lady told me in English to call them again. But nobody took the da_n phone anymore. She just refused to take the phone right after she spoke to me!!!

A question for those who've had an ( ideal would be if somebody ever had an insurance claim made at this particular company from the capital) please see screenshot attached) or any other insurance company that paid the full bill directly to the hospital:
Will the hospital get in touch with the insurance once they let him go home? Neither Frank nor his wife Nong is capable of doing anything to spread more light on this. Unfortunately.
The problem with this type of insurance is, that they just don't answer anything. I've attached a screenshot of the insurance company's name and if anybody has any information about them, please get back to me.

Anything you know about them can/could be helpful in how to continue from here.
The hospital has filled out two forms and the insurance has them already. Is that normal that they just wait until he gets out, or do you have to get in touch with them to ensure that the bill will get paid?

To understand the whole situation: Frank and his wife are both very sick, and Frank's suffering from an OCPD, plus other issues, while his wife's got a very serious Spine TBC.
There's basically only their daughter who has to deal with all that bs stuff, so if you can, please let's try to help them a little bit.
If someone else who knows Frank well would call this number ( with the 4) to find out if they'll get in touch with the hospital, or how they're going to handle it, it would be very helpful.
Let's help them, please. Anybody here could come into a similar situation. I've got the Thai SS and that's a totally different ballgame.

Thank you for your time and consideration!!!! May god bless you for your help.

Their ( insurance) phone number is 02-719 7831-4 ( located in Bangkok) I/we need to find out what they are going to do, while the bill is getting bigger and bigger by the hour. Thanks.FB_IMG_1660825719070.jpg

Prakhonchai Nick

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They are WR LIfe Much discussion in Asean now today........ I would notuse them no idea who the Insurer is They are only brokers!


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From the comments on the post above

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