Frank of "Living in the Past" fame is not well

Prakhonchai Nick

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Assist Inter do not help. They are only local agents You need to go to WR Life website and provide details of the insurance policy ie name and number. Recently had a widow whose husband was insured with them.. They paid nothing! If the policy is OK then they may pay...AA Insurance brokers seem to think they are OK, but I disagree WR Life are not an insurance company but only brokers. It has not been possible to find out who the Insurance Company they use are. As such with my previous insurance connections I would not use them. Brings to mind Fire Auto and marine and Vehicle and general insurance in the UK 60 years ago


Surin Founding Father
It's been awhile since we last hoisted a Prost. Cheers Frankie to all the good times you enjoyed and created.
Keep true to yourself and know you are loved and respected. God bless.
Sincerely, Coffee