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    On our recent trips into town we have been staying at a fairly new place called ''Phumarin Hotel'' and I can highly recommend it. The place is quiet and very reasonable.

    Rates for a nice good sized clean double room with TV, Fridge, Aircon and en-suite (H&C) are 350 a night inc Free WiFi and they have decent off street parking with good security too.

    Monthly rates were quoted at 4500, but I didnt ask if it was inclusive of water and electricity, even so it is pretty cheap.

    Directions are ''limited'' down Surin Phakdi from the 3038 and you will see a ''Pepsi'' sign on the right just before the back road into Soi Kola. Drive 100m up the cul-de-sac and the hotel is in front of you. Map of location as attached.

    Cheers, MH

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    I'll back that up stayed there for a month year ago last March. 4500 ++ water electricity came to about 6000 all in not a big air con fanatic. Security guy was not sleeping ever when I stumbled in and the staff were friendly if you speak that was not a problem. Mister Sniffer Kevin introduced me to the place good value and will stay there again for 350 why not...
    The map shows the place well enough but its easy to miss the turn as the soi is very narrow ......
    044-530109.or 089-8459985 off their card but only speak thai....Agreed1
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    but phumarin hotel have internet sit....not see in internet have pic foto thank you
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    I spent most of my money on Beer and Women - The rest I simply wasted. (Possibly on a house in Surin??)

    If it has got Tits or Wheels it is going to give you trouble.

    You never wasted it on hotels though mate Grin_Jump1
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    phumarin hotel have site internet?? number telephone?
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