"I hope I die...


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...before I get old.
Talking about my generation."
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Conventionally elderly has been defined as age 65 or older. "Early elderly" is considered age 65 to 70 years of age.

Seriously at which age would you consider that a person is "elderly" ? :mask:


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Seriously at which age would you consider that a person is "elderly" ?

By your definition and having turned 72 last week, I must consider myself to already be "elderly". However, I do not think my wife and daughters would necessarily agree with that assessment. I am quite sure they give me no concessions for being "elderly" and I am still expected to be and do things that a much younger man would do. As Groucho Marx once said, "A man's only as old as the woman he feels. ... ". And so, by that token, I am not as old as I look and I am far from being elderly. To answer your question, I would say that the age I consider someone to be "elderly" is clearly much older than myself. :D:D:D


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30...... that was elderly, thought my life was over.

Then I discovered 40 and the saying that “life begins at 40...”

I made the most of my 40’s, although the excesses involved could well have killed me in my 50’s had I not been fortunate enough to become self-employed at 48.

Discovering Thailand at 50, and effectively retiring at 52, has not made me feel elderly.

I have learned several things from the likes of Prakhonchai Nick but the most important was not to grow old gracefully; fight it with whatever energy, attitude and irascibility you can muster. Take advantage of the pluses that our choice of domicile given us.

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