LIVE 2014 The Rugby Championship at the Lemon Lounge Prasat

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  1. mango 2 you 2

    mango 2 you 2 Surin Legend

    2014 The Rugby Championship

    The 2014 The Rugby Championship involving Argentina, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

    For all who enjoy quality Rugby

    We will be showing the series LIVE
    16 August 2014

    Match No.1: Australia v New Zealand

    You are welcome to come in and enjoy the atmosphere on two large screens and appreciate the games amongst like minded supporters of the game....

    Bar Map.JPG

    Best regards The Lemon Lounge Prasat
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  2. Coffee

    Coffee Guest

    What time...

    ...may one watch the All Blacks run over the wonderful Wallabies on that Saturday in August ?
  3. Surin

    Surin Surin Dinosaur

    Can I sit next to you Coffee..because I reckon by half time most of the Kiwis would be departing to another place...not so sure it will be like you think.
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  4. Coffee

    Coffee Guest

    Sure Surin !

    You can enlighten me on the greatness of Australian Rugby.

    I'm an American so of course I do not know shyte about rugby.

    Basically I'm a 'David vs Goliath' type of guy.

    I believe a nation of 4 1/2 million is usually the underdog in a match against a nation of 23 million so my natural inclination is to go with 'David'.

    I do realize that Aussies and Kiwis refer to each other as convicts so I'm cool with the context of the match-up.
    I've always thought the team name "All Black" was really a statement as we have none by that calling in the US; even though, many clubs are truly just that T.I.C.

    I've only attended rugby matches in Auckland and have never seen one in Oz.
    I enjoyed watching massive tattooed Maori players playing MonkeyFight without any major regard for teeth, body or limb while totally enjoying Speight's (Dunedin, So. Is., NZ) ale.

    Pouring out onto the streets of downtown afterwards with very little policing as all were quite well behaved. So my heart is quite where the good beer thrives.

    So Surin, what time will this match commence ?
    Maybe you can convince me otherwise with regards to Green & Gold. Chokdee5
  5. Surin

    Surin Surin Dinosaur

    I really don't know what time it's on Cafe...but it will be scheduled shortly on Setanta and I'll advise.
  6. nomad97

    nomad97 Ordinary member Staff Member

    Bad timing. It's the first day of the Barclays Premier League. I like rugby very much but I think I will have to watch the footy. Besides, they excluded all the British and Irish Teams from the competition. Cry3.
  7. Surin

    Surin Surin Dinosaur

    Googled it Coffee...4 p.m. Thai time. ANZ Stadium, Sydney.
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  8. nomad97

    nomad97 Ordinary member Staff Member

    Timings for the games, all times GMT - local Thai times in ():

    Rugby Championship involving New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and Argentina, which were announced by SANZAR on Thursday.

    Week One - Aug. 16
    Australia v New Zealand Sydney - 1005 (1605)

    South Africa v Argentina Pretoria - 1505 (2105)

    Week Two - Aug. 23
    New Zealand v Australia Auckland - 0735 (1335)

    Argentina v South Africa Salta - 1910 (0110 24th)

    Week Three - Sept. 6
    New Zealand v Argentina Napier 0735 (1335)

    Australia v South Africa Perth 1005 (1605)

    Week Four - Sept. 13
    New Zealand v South Africa Wellington - 0735 (1335)

    Australia v Argentina Gold Coast - 1005 (1605)

    Week Five - Sept. 27
    South Africa v Australia Cape Town - 1505 (2105)
    Argentina v New Zealand La Plata (To be confirmed)

    Week Six - Oct. 4
    South Africa v New Zealand Johannesburg - 1505 (2105)
    Argentina v Australia Mendoza - 2240 (0440 5th)

    Copied from:

    Some funny times in there. GMT is 6 hours behind Thai time.
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  9. Coffee

    Coffee Guest

    7 days and counting

    Surin, R U going to be wearing your Gold & Green next Saturday in Prasat ?

    I'm bringing a young Thai rugby player with me so you can explain to the two of us how the All Blacks performance is proceeding. shrug1
  10. robjak

    robjak Surin relic

    is there a rugby union team anywhere near surin?
  11. Coffee

    Coffee Guest

    In direct response, Robjak - I would doubt it.

    You can visit the site and let a Thai sort it out for sure.

    Supposedly, Thailand's national rugby team is a Top 60 in the world.
    Obviously, they need to import some South Pacific Islanders to beef up the middle.
    I'm sure donated rugby kit couldn't hurt either.

    On hearsay. a local high school is in the Top 3 high school rugby teams in Thai.
    Suratwittiyakarn High School (sp?) on Lukmuang Road (south of Sirindhorn School).
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  12. Surin

    Surin Surin Dinosaur

    Coffee...I think I'll most likely go to Udon and watch the match..if not, I'll watch it at home. Just got back from Udon and planning the next trip back there asap. What a great place!
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  13. Coffee

    Coffee Guest

    Lemon Lounge is...

    ...a rather pleasant place to watch sports on two television screens, one at the bar or the other by seating tables. Nice patrons and lovely owners.
    English , Scottish, Australians, Kiwis and an American enjoying the sport. I apologize as I'm not sure who may have been on the other side of the bar.

    Indeed I learned more about the game of rugby's nuances over those two hours than in my prior viewings. The players are huge and the battle is constant.

    The Kiwi Haka (warrior taunting chant) prior to the match is worth the price of admission alone. It indeed sets a tone as you watch the players on both sides grimacing at one another.

    It seemed to me that AUS dominated the play during the entire second half. I don't remember seeing the Kiwis pushing into the other end. It was AUS to take and they couldn't. 12 -12.

    I never made it to watch the second rugby match later on as I was laughing so hard after the Swansea victory over ManU that I fell off my chair and had to be carried off to a karaoke bar LMAO1
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