Major Work Underway at Airport


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An Isaan civil engineer's "wet dream" come true.
Major work well underway apparently for air field, runway, roadwork, parking and apparently a new terminal building to boot.

Parking was a breeze and the terminal was basically empty this morning.
I surmise they are preparing for an exciting future following Covid.

For the cynics possibly they're just squandering government funds and lining pockets.
Same as many economic relief and stimulis packages elsewhere globally.


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It has long been muted that Buriram airport was to become 'international'.


It has long been muted that Buriram airport was to become 'international'.
I believe it is, or was at one point, designated an international airport. I think they had one or two flights into southern China a week from Buriram airport. May not be the case now.


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In the end I did not go. Late morning my daughter called to say her boyfriend was picking her up at the airport.

I did ask her how the airport and car parking area compared to the last time she used it, and she said she noticed nothing different.


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I liked it the way it was/used to be. Freaking changing everything for the worse in this country. I'm still getting over the demolition of the old "cattle markets" opposite Big C in Pattaya North.