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    Has anybody stayed there or have comments?

    Last stay was at the Majestic and it was OK. Did like the location though!

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    Not stayed for a while but it was OK. A little out of the way.

    I cannot confirm if it is still open because I do remember the place was up for sale (but that isn't too unusual around here)

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  4. Rncalexander5

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    I have stayed there many times. It is clean, inexpensive, good wifi and has a small restaurant on site. I would recommend.
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    Glad the WiFi is good as I helped fit it!

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  7. dennis

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    Very nice hotel!

    Before I always stayed at Majestic Hotel (near the bus terminal), but their prices have gone up. I noticed breakfast without coupon is now a silly 200 baht and that's not worth it. The room rate is 1200 baht and it is location, location, location what you pay for.

    So after a 3 night stay (already booked) we drove to the Martina Hotel just outside downtown Surin (on the other side of the railway track) to take a look and see if we liked it or not.... To cut a long story short; we did.

    The friendly receptionist (there are 2 or 3, not sure who is who and doing what behind the counter. The older Thai lady of chinese decent looks like the owner/ boss) took us around the hotel to show us the 3 roomtypes they have:

    Standard room @ 420 baht/ night
    Deluxe/ Superioir @ 500 baht/ night
    VIP @ 1200 baht/ night

    Standard room is large (at least simular to Majestic)
    Deluxe is same, but has LED TV instead of old fashioned one
    VIP has 2 LED TV's and a seating area

    All rooms have a small fridge. Just like Majestic, there is no in room safe :-(

    Best option is Deluxe IMHO since it is in the quieter area of the hotel and has LED TV. I see little to no reason to book a VIP room.

    At the end of the day the hotel gets full, so although it is more or less of the beaten track, a lot of (mainly) Thai people know the Martina Hotel.

    Breakfast is not included, but the hotel does have a nice little restaurant. American breakfast is 90 baht and the Thai food is also very modestly priced. Total cost would be somewhere between 200 and 250 baht depending how much the mrs. orders.

    The hotel has decent WifI (for Thai standard probably good to very good), speed is good. They give you password when you check in. I wonder why, since the network is not password protected.... TIT

    Because the hotel is located just outside of Surin, you do need transportation to get there!
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  8. surinmike

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    Stayed there but still prefer The Orchid or that one once again for location ...location for my personal needs... (In the direction towards my Old Monument)....
  9. dennis

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    Prices have gone up a for "Deluxe room" by 50 baht to 550 baht a night.

    Standard rooms are still 450 baht and VIP rooms are still 1200 baht a night.

    They are offering a breakfast buffet now (or start offering this very soon) for 150 baht/ person. I'm not sure if the restaurant is open for a la carte ordering in the morning (would be a shame if the didn't). Although the restaurant is as cozy as a dentist office, the food is quite okay (much better than Majestic anyway).

    Best hotel in town! Nice quite location, spacious rooms, good wifi, nice shower (good waterpressure too), but no in-room safebox...
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  10. Coffee

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    Martina Hotel food

    goodpost The food is better than the Majestic Hotel for THB 150 ???
  11. dennis

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    The food, in general, is better than Majestic Hotel.

    Re. the breakfast buffet; Don't know yet, because in March they didn't offer it, so can't compare. But the Majestic breakfast buffet is okay, but pricey @200 baht.
  12. surinmike

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    nice enough place.... wrong end of town for me though....and plenty of road checks at night.....Cry3.Moon2Moon2
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