Not easy for us old fogies


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Last week I had an email from the PPF (UK Government) provider to confirm my address (aka "I'm still alive").

The gist of it was:

mypensionID - A safe, simple and speedy way to verify your details is via the mypensionID app, created by our customer tracing partners, Target Professional Services. You can download the mypensionID app for free from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

As an alternative way to verify your details you can send us the details we've asked for online through a secure portal on Target's website using your Security Code at the top of this email.

I responded:

"I have tried using the MyPensionID app from Google and it requests a five digit password to allow me access. I don't have a 5 digit password as far as I'm aware, only the 12 digit security code detailed in you email.

I also tried the website and, although I used it last year, they say I am not registered.

Your advice would be appreciated."

I received this response today:

"Thank you for your email.
In regards to the mypensionID app, if you delete the app and redownload it, it should allow you to begin the verification process again without the need for the 5 digit passcode.
In regards to the Member Portal on, you would need to register as a new user, as the security code we provide you with change each year."

Wouldn't it have been sensible to tell me that initially?

Next it will be my OAP proof of existence. They will no doubt require me to post the information.