Our houseplans in Baan Lungpung (8)


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Our houseplans in Baan Lungpung (8)

Some pictures from the last week of August 2010:

Front entrance:

Whole house is still lifted. Some landfill to do when the house is ready...

First floor: view over the balcony:

Looks interesting...

Western kitchen preparation:

To be continued...
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alan crisp

Can somebody please explain to a non builder why the house is built off the ground and not directly onto the ground( I would have though a concrete base direct to the ground would spread the load ) and how are the footings for the infill walls to the bottom of the house put-in as no footings are visible in any of the other photos. :?
When my house was built footing for the infill walls to the bottom walls of the house were put in at the start of the build.!!Is the house built off the ground to stop damp :?
The House is looking very good though....:Bravo1:


The reason for this house being raised off the ground is because Joop and his wife decided they wanted to raise the house and land around the house up about 70cm high and the land 4 meters wide in all directions – North, East South and West ,this way the house will be higher than the rest of the land ! the reason why no footings are visible is that they are Deep down into the virgin soil a total of 180 cm-1.8 meters . Once all the under floor plumbing is complete the open area will be closed off and the land fill will begin , next year there will be a concrete footpath pored .There are two ring beams on this house a 60cm deep ring beam that’s the main supporting beam, plus a sub beam 25cm deep that only carries the weight of a couple of courses of block. So the total distance from the floor level down to the footings is around 2.5 meters deep ,most Thai builders would not do this as its to time consuming and costly (a proper job is all it is in my eyes) . This idea Joop and his wife had about raising the house up 70cm was a free upgrade with no additional cost :GrinNod1: , I hope this is clear enough for you Mr Crisp and a big thanks for your input ..:Bravo1:
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alan crisp

Thanks AtB well explained for the Non builder. I remember when my Bungalow was being built( mine is about 1 meter above ground level ) the concrete beams and the shuttering was like a work of art....:)


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