Plastic Valves for Water

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  1. Yorky

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    Ten years ago I installed a 1,000 litre water tank in the back from and into which the water flow is controlled by PVC valves, viz:

    vlave postions s.jpg

    Said valves have operated satisfactorily for those ten years however, upon installing a new downhole pump I utilised the same type of valves which have since sprung leaks through the body. I've now replaced the faulty valves with steel ball valves which, luckily enough, may be installed without major pipework modification, i.e. the new valve with the fittings are longer than the original PVC ball valves.

    metal valves s.jpg

    We'll see how it goes.
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  2. Surin

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    A hell of a lot better.
  3. nomad97

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    Funny you should say that because one of mine failed a couple of days ago. Started leaking through the body where the tap is turned. I changed like for like but I do like what you are suggesting. Good idea.
  4. Yorky

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    They are three times the price but three times buttons is still buttons.

    [฿125.00 for the valve plus a few more buttons for the plastic fittings and the thread tape - Thai Watsadu].
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  5. Rice

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    I was told in engineering school, not to mix materials, like in this case PVC and metal. The reason being is different thermal expansion rates. It is never recommended to use plastic pipe and fittings with metallic valves since any forces or other situations can cause breakage or leaking at or near the joint. It is just introducing a weak point.
    Well that is what I was taught. In practice you will most certainly get away with it. It is not the space shuttle.
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  6. Yorky

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    Would that not include metal and PTFE (thread) tape That mixture has been the stalwart of temporary pipeline fittings since I first got in the game.
  7. Rice

    Rice Resident Smart Arse

    The tape is an insignificant piece in the thermal mass and only serves as a sealant and thread lubricant. Now you are just being silly. o_O
  8. Croc

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    Duck tape ?!?
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  9. gotlost

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  10. mario299

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    "Duck tape"...
    That quacked you up?
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  11. Yorky

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    I get dafter as I get older.
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