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    Ryans Sunday Roast will not be available for the next three Sundays as I am off to the UK to see my family for a break before Xmas. All other items on the Menu are still available. Thanks for your understanding.
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  2. gotlost

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    Have a great break and C U when U get back.
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    Ryans famous Roast available this Sunday

    Hi to all just to let you know the Roast is back on this week as I am now back Lamb , Beef and Pork all available from 2.00pm. Still have a few places for Xmas Dinner rooms available at a nearby resort also as we are full.

    Happy Xmas hope you all have a great time.

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  4. gotlost

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    Isssssssss a coming master...for the roast...:biggrin:
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