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    The Skatch Anderssen Orchestra play every Monday night in Cleveland, Ohio - 8pm Eastern Time. But you can join in and see them live every Tuesday morning at 8 am Thai time. The Skatch Anderssen Orchestra with their Bandleader and bass trombonist Eric Dregne is your host for an hour or more of Big Band music.

    Yes, I do have a personal interest. Eric Dregne is a very good trombonist and is married to Lizz who is also a very good trumpet player. Sometimes the band let her play too. Lizz was lead trumpet with the Riyadh Concert Band while I was lead saxophonist. Its good to meet up again, albeit from afar.

    They now have a live YouTube feed every Monday night. Past recordings are also available.

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    A lot of respect for these Big Band people. I always found attempting to play swing/jazz painfully difficult. Probably both for me and any audience
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