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    I never had been there. Did I miss something special? ;;grimace;;
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  2. Yorky

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    I remember back in 2000/2001 going there with Icecream John. It was during the time that the barstaff wore see though nighties and John asked me if I would enquire of a particularly well built wench "what is the rate?"

    She told me and I told John that he didn't want to know!
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    I don't like to gossip.
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    'Special' might not be the right word, but it sure used to be popular, late at night (long after Norby was in bed). Plus, way back then, us westerners weren't as common, as you see nowadays, so therefor, we were (maybe) a bit more 'in demand'. It also had quite a few ladyboys in there too.
    The original 'Speed1' was in the same location where Speed3 is (was) and for a short time that closed down (not sure why) and Speed2 was further down Soi Kola on the same side (building long-gone) so opposite to Hardrock/city bar.
    It always deafeningly loud music!!!!!!
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  5. Yorky

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    An explanation of the name.

    The "Sixties Pub" as far as I remember didn't have a sign with the name (not in English anyway). Most of the Thais/Khmers that I knew at that time found it virtually impossible to pronounce "sixties" therefore shortened it to "City Pub".
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  6. Cent


    Haven't been around and out and about for ages but just wondering, is the Rose Queen Massage parlor under the Thong Tarin Hotel still open these days?
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  7. Yorky

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    I cannot image that it's open during the current restrictions but it'll maybe be opening at this month end.

    That brings back memories - the last time that I ventured into there was with Seattle Rick and Pish 'ead Pute!

    That image is neither of them.
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    Rose Queen belongs officially to healthcare venues like all massage parlors. They are all still closed, as well as Memorial Massage and all others in SURIN.

    I have problems with my shoulder, I hope they open soon!;;secret;;
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    You prove it... ;;victory;;
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