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    Starbeam Restaurant

    ร้านอาหารสตาร์บีมเปิดให้นั่งตามปกติแล้วนะคะ โดยทางร้านได้จัดการเว้นระยะห่างของโต๊ะ และจะจัดให้นั่งได้โต๊ะละ 2 ท่านเพื่อความปลอดภัยของลูกค้าทุกท่านค่ะ ลูกค้าสามารถโทรจองโต๊ะหรือสั่งอาหารเพื่อซื้อกลับบ้านได้ที่เบอร์
    ☎️ 044-519629 เปิดเวลา 08.00-20.00 ปิดทุกวันพุธ

    We are now open for Dining In for the government allowed 2 persons per table. We would ask that you call ahead to assure you can have seating by making a reservation for seating and time. If we are full we will not be able to seat you until there is the allowed seating available. Thank you for your understanding of these restrictions imposed on us by the government regulations. Take Away is always available per usual.

    ☎️ TEL. 044-519629 Open 8 a.m.- 8 p.m.

    Closed every Wednesday
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    Just one question @Cent. Are you allowed to turn the aircon on though? Not so bad for those that don't mind the heat like myself. Just wondering about the current regulations.
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    Yes. Air con is on. All cleaned and primed and working well, and one newly positioned/moved to cover the side where before it got hot due the positioning previously. Works well.
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    Actually the time off closed let us do things we saw as needing doing as we worked the place the past few years. It's hard to do with just one day closed to do things needed. So new things were put in place to help both the customers and the staff (my wife) and the head cook in the kitchen. New exhaust vent fan in the kitchen, before only one exhaust opening had only one fan, now there are two. Moved the air con to a better position to cover the entire restaurant better, a new exhaust fan in the dining area to draw out the heat easier when it gets very hot outside, which works well when just using fans to cool the place off. The entire downstairs (dining area, work area, kitchen and bathroom) was newly painted and looks good, also some redecorating was done and refurbishing the kitchen area with more electric outlets, an added sink, and other stuff.

    We took out the pizza oven as we no longer will be doing Italian pizzas but just our Mexican style pizzas that do not require that huge oven which really heated up the kitchen area, which also gave us a lot more room to reconfigure the kitchen area. New menus are nearly done which are much easier to read and more professionally done by daughter Starbeam. New check bin folders, new shelving and better furniture inside the back area to make serving placings easier to get and store. An oscillating wall fan now in place in the bathroom as it seemed it was the hottest area in the restaurant, even with the partly open ceiling. Etc. Etc. Etc.

    We used the down time well and fixed the things we saw over the past few years that needed upgrading and doing. I tried to make things more efficient for my wife to do her job, and she is very happy with the results, and we wanted to make the place more comfortable and attractive and efficient for our customers. Happy wife = happy husband. LOL
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    Oh, and a new lighted sign on the front, a banner sign as well, and have 2 banner signs on order to place on the poles at each end of the entrances to the soi.
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