Sunday Roast & Draught Beer

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    Today as always Sunday Roast is served from 2.00pm onwards. Today we have Roast Lamb @ 250B and Roast Pork at 220B with all the usual trimmings. As a one off to all our regulars I will be selling our last barrel of draught Leo off as we are starting with a new range of draught beers very soon.
    Customers who are eating off the main menu can enjoy an ice cold Leo at 10B a glass while stocks last enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. gotlost

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    and I got no ain't wheels. Cry3.Cry3.T.I.C.
  3. Prakhonchai Nick

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    Surely American English can't really be that bad! Cry3.
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  4. gotlost

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  5. Ivor the Engine

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    Sounds mighty good! What new beers???????
  6. nomad97

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    If you ain't got no wheels then, by deduction, you must have some wheels. Moon2
  7. Ryans Resort

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    Hoping to get draught german beer and also Tiger Light & Chang fingers crossed
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  8. Ivor the Engine

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    Sound great. Good luck to you all at Ryan's.
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