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    Renewal of 5-Year Driving Licence (Car)

    For the past 15 years, I have frequently visited this Office to renew my car driving licence. The last time and earlier visits it has been, to put it politely, unadulterated mayhem. It was always crowded and 'Attila the Hun' ruled the office with an iron fist. Woe betides anyone who stepped out of line or got in the wrong queue. Imagine my surprise when I turned up this morning to find it all changed. It is no longer over-crowded and the atmosphere is a ray of sunshine and pleasantness. It was so different to my last visit 5 years ago you could have knocked me over with a feather There was no sign of Attila anywhere.

    I arrived at 07.50 and parked the car without difficulty. I sat down outside the entrance door and was soon entertained with some fine Thai music, so fine I found my foot tapping away to the beat all by itself. As the clock turned 08.00 it was replaced with 8 chimes to mark the hour, promptly followed by the National Anthem. We all stood and watch the flag being raised. No sooner than the anthem concluded the doors opened and we turned to enter the Licencing Centre. Each of us collected a numbered card, mine was #12, and we sat down in the air-conditioned main office to wait our turn. I presented myself at the counter and was promptly referred to the next desk where the officer spoke fine English. She explained I needed photocopies of my passport, the opening page, the page with the Visa information and the page with the current permission to stay yearly extension. She also asked for a photocopy of the Yellow House book, first page.

    I returned to the desk with the photocopies, obtainable from a little office by the main entrance, 2 baht per page, and handed over the docs. She told me to return to my seat to await my name being called. The first lot of some 16 'contestants' were already being processed for colour blindness, peripheral vision (new test), acceleration/brake test and distance relativity. These tests were soon finished and the contestants directed to the classrooms. A short while later another 16 were called by name to do the tests, myself included. After finishing the tests, I followed the lady in front of me into training Room No. 2. I followed the lady because she did have a fine figure and a pleasant smile and because I have always sat in Training Room No. 2. Wrong, another young lady, a staff member with a fine command of English, hauled me out of there and told me to sit in Training Room No. 1. It was now approaching 09.00.

    The classroom filled with some 32 of us and the video started around 09.10. In contrast to the earlier video I watch 5 years previously, I thought this video was well made, instructional and about 45 minutes long. It was in Thai but with English subtitles. Before the hour was up, another member of staff starting calling us by name to sign the register, take the paperwork for checking and report to the desk to pay the fee - 505 baht. Then take a seat and wait for the photograph. I was called on the electronic board, No. A37, to have my photo taken and, 5 minutes later at 10.20, I was leaving the centre with my new 5-year driving licence in my wallet.

    For someone who speaks so little Thai it's not worth knowing, I was given the care and attention necessary by the staff to accomplish the task. The process and speed with which I renewed my 5-year driving licence was very smooth and quick. In a word, excellent! The staff are to be complimented on their politeness and efficiency. Well done. :D:D:D
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    With a 45 minute instructional video, is there really any excuse for the poor way Thais drive? Is their mind (if they have one) elsewhere when the video is playing as has been suggested bar girls minds are, when horizontal dancing?
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    They probably had to get rid of Attila to be able to restructure. She was one pain in the arse. I like going to Prassat now.
    She had her own rules that she made up on the day, to suit the situation.
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    I told my wife before I left home, if it's busy and overcrowded like last time, I will go to Prasat instead. Honestly folks, it was so different from previous occasions that I actually enjoyed the experience today. :D:D:D

    P.S. I am told the numbered cards limit the number being processed. I would guess there were no more than 60, some 32 for licence renewal and the others first time applications I guess.
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    No Driving licence renewals to worry about. No 90 day reporting, no visa extensions.
    What a great country. :D
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