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Discussion in 'Prakon Chai Area' started by Prakhonchai Nick, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. Prakhonchai Nick

    Prakhonchai Nick Cannot re - Member

    This is a new bar/restaurant opened up by Ken and Gai following the demise of the Shamrock Pub.

    On the left coming from the 24 cross roads going towards Ban Kruat, and before forking right for Phanom Rung.

    I don't think it is strictly a steak house in the true sense of the word but sell food and drink.

    Predominantly used by the Thais.

    Maybe CC can add more as I have not yet been in.
  2. wildoates

    wildoates Surin Legend

    Predominantly used by the Thais. So that means it has cheap food...
  3. walendog

    walendog Guest

    Been in a few times at Ken`s new place, small but fine....the main reason we go is that ken`s wife to us is one of the best cooks around this area...some of the other falang places Should learn from her, and ken is allways prepaired to have a chat....
  4. I have never been but Ken was introduced to me by Gary (Stafford) and as you say seemed a good guy. They did a good job converting the Shamrock but failed to get the customers, so I am told.

    I wish them luck in this new venture.
  5. coffeecorner

    coffeecorner Guest

    Spot on. Gai is, in my view, the best cook in the area - you will never get a bad meal there.

    As with the Shamrock, cash flow will always be an issue and not all menu items will always be available. Food prices will not fall into wildoates 'cheap' category but the quality will always be good.
  6. walendog

    walendog Guest

    Ken always did ok in the shamrock, but his landlord grossly raised the rent costs , due to his medical costs(cancer treatment) therefore for ken not cost effective to stay in the shamrock bar...oh and the opening of another falang bar on the same soi didn`t help, but thats life...
  7. coffeecorner

    coffeecorner Guest

    Unfortunately, the Shamrock was under-capitalised and Gai/Ken had targeted Thai customers long before CC opened. The Farang crowd (particularly the Friday nighters) had long-moved to Oom's restaurant.

    The fact that the debt burden, and issues with default, alienating a few key customers did not help !
  8. Prakhonchai Nick

    Prakhonchai Nick Cannot re - Member

    A major problem at the Shamrock -particularly towards the end - was that if you wanted a drink it was best if you took your own!
  9. walendog

    walendog Guest

    Maybe he was telling me the rent thing to mask the other issues, please note "Ray" the point i made about the cc was not in disrespect, but you knowing me you would know that, only thought it would be a contributing factor to the takings of shamrock...anyway i hope things tick over well for him at the new place, like i said i still eat there and offcourse yours too, as you know..WD
  10. coffeecorner

    coffeecorner Guest

    Alan, I fully understand. Similarly, I wasn't trying to be overly defensive. Obviously, CC would impact on the Shamrock but I spoke at length will Ken before deciding to open. By that time Ken "didn't want/need" Falang custom and was aiming for Thai pool playing customers and pizza take-aways.

    I think that was a huge mistake because Gai is better at cooking Falang food than Thai and there is bugger all margin in a plate of khao pad :). It was also made clear that time was running out financially.

    The only thing that hurt slightly was Jip hearing from someone in Gai's village (they both went to school there) that she had said CC had killed their business.

    I also spoke with Oom and Mick and they were of the view that another Falang place would add to the choice and bring more Farang into the area

    The Shamrock was a nice idea but a case of wrong place at the wrong time - given the amount of capital available. In my view you cannot run businesses like these on borrowed money and you have to have the where-with-all to support it if business is quiet.
  11. walendog

    walendog Guest

    i hope he keeps his head above water with new place, i spoke to mick the last time i was at ken`s new place..good to see people still supporting him though...cheers
  12. coffeecorner

    coffeecorner Guest

    I agree.

    It is good to have choice and Ken can be good company.
  13. alan crisp

    alan crisp Guest

    Even though I have never met Ken and Gai,after all that as if I feel I have known them all my life..:)
    I hope they have Good Luck with the Tequila Steak House in Prakhonchai:Chokdee5:
  14. Prasart Kid

    Prasart Kid Guest

    Was in the area yesterday and stopped by.
    Menu looked quite presentable...except for all the small pieces of paper taped to it which said...NO HAVE
    Asked about other dishes on the menu... Reply...No Have

    The girl was very friendly, polite and helpful and the place looked OK

    Unfortunately I was hungry and wanted to eat...

    I didn't stay
  15. Prakhonchai Nick

    Prakhonchai Nick Cannot re - Member


    That's how it was at the Shamrock.

    Even beer might be a problem - but you can play pool!
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