Thai Widows Entitlement to UK Occupational Pensions

It has generally been assumed that when we depart, our widows would be entitled to a widows pension from former UK employers of around 50% of our pension. In some cases this is reduced where the age difference is more than 10 years

This recently has proven not to be the case with several widows we have assisted. In each case the marriage took place AFTER the husband retired and started to receive his pension. Where the employer is under the jurisdiction of the UK government (Ministry of Defence/Armed Forces), only earnings from 1978 up to date of retirement are taken into consideration in working out the widows entitlement. Mineworkers are OK, but we do not know what former teachers can expect.

Those who worked in the banking and insurance industry seem to be OK, with their widows on a full % of their pensions minus some 2.5% for each year more than 10 that they are younger than their husbands.