Tom N Toms Coffee



Reviews by people who haven't even gone in and tried the place do not carry much weight.

Now it's August...yes Ivor, possibly a reason Joe doesn't post his eatery finds on here.

Why do members stop posting...all for various reasons.
I well understand that Surin was upset that I tended to take the "Thai-side" in arguments.
I don't know personally of his experiences just only what he wrote on this forum.
He is one poster sorely missed on this forum (definitely by me) particularly after Aussie Bill's unfortunate passing.

Surin and I are most cordial outside of this forum so I want to clean the air on where our thought processes diverge.

Affirmative , my mindset is different...and basically follows.
The majority of expats with a visa based on retirement or marriage did not meet their Thai partner who happens to be twenty years or more ones junior within their own military post , company's office or while attending Uni fifty years ago near the home of their citizenship...nor are our partners or their family among the elite of Thai society...yet how is it that we categorically state Thais are stupid.
After all isn't it the we that left our first-world lives of pleasure and bliss to come and make life with the they in Thai-land.